Aaron Mattes Foot-Ankle Exerciser

Mattes Foot Ankle ExerciserThe foot-ankle exerciser was developed for specifically exercising the muscles that control the ankle, sub-talar and mid-tarsal joints. This is a major portion of the entire lower leg. Isolated exercises are provided to help alleviate circulation problems to help develop alternate circulation for blockage problems, diabetics, burn patients, etc.

Neuropathy is a major problem for nerve involvement such as Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Post Polio and Diabetics. The use of Active Isolated Stretching and the foot-ankle exerciser have helped alleviate countless neuropathy problems.

Ankle sprains and lower leg fractures are routinely treated with A.I.S. and the foot-ankle exerciser with outstanding results. Shin splints and post stress fracture are eliminated with similar treatment. Arch problems involving flat feet or pronated feet are corrected with Active Isolated Stretching and the Mattes Foot-Ankle Exerciser.

Price: $220.00 USD

Wrist Roller

Wrist Roller

A dowel with rope attached, specifically designed to strengthen the wrist, and forearm. Add your own weights for greater resistance.

Price: $5.50 USD

Hand Exercise Foam Ball

Hand Exercise Foam BallTo exercise specific finger-hand muscles. For improved performance and rehabilitation of stroke, hand fracture, fibromyalgia or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Price: $5.50 USD

Exercise and Stretching Seatbelt

Exercise and Stretching SeatbeltA must for assisted stretching of hips and lower back. For greatest isolation of hips, pelvic region and back. Great to help isolated deep tissue (fascia) release. Long enough to fit around massage table and person laying on table.

Price: $38.50 USD


Stretching Rope

Stretching RopeStretching rope that is soft to the touch and blue in color. The rope is eight feet in length.

Price: $13.20 USD


Shoulder-CiserThe Shoulder-Ciser accelerates improvement of shoulder muscles such as the rotator cuff, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, post mastectomy recovery and general upper body conditioning. The Shoulder-Ciser enhances training for high performance sports and workplace health & safety. It is the only exercise device which strengthens the rotator cuff muscles through their full range of motion. Strength and coordination of the shoulder is necessary for all daily activities where the shoulder plays an important role. When the arm is required to move quickly and forcibly, such as when throwing a ball, propelling a wheelchair, or hitting a golf ball, the rotator cuff muscles keep the ball of the shoulder joint centered. The constant resistance generated by the Shoulder-Ciser at any angle of the arm to the body trains the brain to activate the muscles to adapt quickly into their proper modes to prevent injury and enhance performance. The Shoulder-Ciser comes complete with an exercise manual and demonstration video. Packaged in a custom clamshell for a pleasing presentation in any showroom. Available in Black or Red with a standard strength green tubing.

Price: $66.00 USD

Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method

Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method

The Mattes Method contains over 700 color photos. A stretching book teaching the proper mechanics of stretching. Specific isolated methods of stretching muscles and facia. Section on how to perform on your own. Large section on how to assist specifically.

Price: $45.00 USD

Specific Stretching for Everyone

Specific Stretching for Everyone

Specific Stretching for Everyone is a full color stretching book that was designed for the individual athlete, client or anyone who wants to learn how to become more flexible and improve their health. This book shows only the active section of stretching teaching you how to properly increase your flexibility and your bodies range of motion.

Price: $20.00 USD

Gift Certificate

Gift CertificateGive a gift session. Choose your own price.

AIS Strength Training DVD


AIS Strength Training DVDThe Aaron Mattes Method of strength training is highly specific. While it is holistic and treats the body as a unit, its primary characteristic is its capability ot break down the body to treat isolated parts. There are protocols for every primary muscle of the body. The book follows the training specificity principle by identifying and resolving specific strength and functional deficits. The Mattes Method then employs full range of motion movements to contract and stengthen targeted muscles while at the same time stretches the opposing muscles. The result is increased muscle strength, joint flexibility and balance across the joints. The Strength DVD is a two disk set, broke down into the different muscle groups. The Upper Body DVD is 59 minutes long and the Lower Body DVD is 1 hour and 28 minutes long. The DVD's are very user friendly and very precise in the instruction and application of each exercise

Price: $60.50 USD

Perform Better Products

Performbetter.comA knowledgeable staff, great products and service, an expert group of advisors. That’s what makes us Perform Better.Expert Staff! Speed, strength, agility, power, stability and conditioning are vital components to success in any athletic competition. With this in mind, Perform Better has carefully selected each product in this catalog for its ability to help improve sports performance. Whether you’re trying to make your athletes stronger, faster or more explosive, you can trust our expert staff to suggest the right products to meet your needs.

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