I am incredibly indebted to Roger

When I came to Roger two years ago, I could hardly walk due to a terrible case of sciatica. My entire pelvic girdle was bound up with extremely tight muscles and I was in a great deal of pain. A chiropractor diagnosed a bulging disc after referring me for an MRI. It turns out that interpreting MRIs can be extremely subjective. I did not have any disc problems at all, but I did have some very tight muscles that attach to lumbar vertebral bodies and discs.

As a former professional athlete, I have had 35 plus years of body work. I can say without a doubt that Active Isolated Stretching has been by far the most effective body work I have ever done. As an MD/PhD I teach Gross Anatomy to Medical students, so I can vouch for Roger’s incredible command of anatomy. When we were trying to figure out just what my problem was, Roger knew how to check each and every muscle of my hip and pelvic girdle. Then we proceeded with the very specific maneuvers that stretch each muscle individually. While a number of my muscles were already in good shape, a number of them were incredibly tight.

Over the last two years, Roger has not only helped me to completely get over the sciatica, but now I am at age 55 more flexible that I have ever been in my life. I have a standing four hour appointment every two weeks to stretch lower body, upper body, head & neck, hands and feet. Such flexibility not only makes me feel incredibly good, but I am able to be back on the racquetball court playing the sport I love so much! I am incredibly indebted to Roger. I appreciate his high level of expertise and skill as well as his amazing commitment to my health.