"Well this is difficult to talk about but here goes....


For almost 30 years I have lived with pain. My pain is from an accident I had when I was 3. I learned to live with it, to deal with it, to push through the pain and simply get over it. That is how I lived my life and I figured it would be that way for my life's entirety. Now after this evening I am missing that pain. It is surreal almost, to the point that I am worried that the feeling I have had for most of my life will stay gone forever. I am not saying that living without pain is a bad thing, but when you get used to having that feeling, that when it is missing I almost feel empty. Now I know that I will have to work my ass off to keep the pain gone but it will be worth it. With all of my heart I would like to thank Mr. Roger McNear in helping me see that I can live pain free as long as I am willing to put forth the effort that goes along with it. Thank you my brother, you have no idea what it means to be feeling this awesome."

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